Human Centered Design Facilitation

We facilitate diverse groups of people through the entire human centered design process, from framing the design challenge to planning for implementation. We specialize in making the creative process accessible to communities of people who are usually excluded from it and in using an equity-based approach to human centered design. Engagement can last 2-6 months, and we provide followup support to ensure successful implementation.

We aren’t consultants who will run away with your project, disappear into an opaque box, and then return with a sleek slide deck and best wishes. We collaborate side-by-side with your team and your community, teaching our methods at every step.

Hiring us to facilitate a human centered design process for your organization is much more effective at training your staff and community members in equity-based human centered design than hiring us to teach a short term workshop because we adopt a “learning by doing” approach. We convene organizational staff and community members into a design team and guide them through the entire design process.

These case studies showcase some of our experiences facilitating a full HCD process:

Partial HCD Facilitation

Other clients might have already started a human centered design process and need help navigating a stuck point. For example, some organizations complete a robust research project and then want help ideating and prototyping based on their research. Other clients might find that they have prematurely jumped into ideation and prototyping and need to take a step back and conduct some community-based research to ensure they are investing in impactful solutions.

For these clients, we offer focused engagement on a portion of the HCD process (eg. problem definition, research, ideation, or prototyping), typically over the course of a 2 month period. We provide followup support several months after the engagement to ensure successful implementation.

This case study features a previous project in which we facilitated a partial HCD process: