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  • Feedback from Ugandan academics, public health professionals, and members of Community Advisory Boards.

I wanted to drop a quick note to praise the workshop yesterday. M Strickland and Nancy (didn’t catch her last name) did a fantastic job leading the workshop, and I was particularly impressed and appreciative of M’s sincere enthusiasm and inclusiveness which greatly facilitated stroke survivor/caretaker participation. M started by outlining group norms that really helped people feel welcomed and safe, and M continued to emulate these group norms throughout the session by ensuring everyone felt comfortable asking questions, making sure all questions were answered to a point of group understanding and consensus, giving survivors and caretakers leadership roles within the session, allowing everyone enough time to express their thoughts without judgment/embarrassment, and being flexible as new ideas arose. I am excited to see what comes out of this project.

  • stroke survivor in Baltimore, MD

What I want to take with me is longevity. I want this thing to go on. This is not just going to end right here. This is just the last prototype meeting, but SWIRL is going to go on. This is the founding SWIRL group. So 25 years from now when somebody says, ‘Well I work for SWIRL.’  Well girl, I help start that group.

  • sex worker in Washington, DC

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