Equity Based HCD

Our Approach to HCD

Our founder developed our unique, equity based approach to human centered design with guidance from their many teachers, including the Maryland Institute College of Art Center for Social Design in Baltimore, the Equity-Centered Community Design framework created by Antionette Carroll of the Creative Reaction Lab in St. Louis, George Aye of the Greater Good Studio in Chicago, Tania Anaissie of Beytna Design, Jessica Mason of The Social Impact Studio, IDEO.org, Bobbie Hill of Concordia in New Orleans, the Design Justice Network, their personal experiences as a social impact designer and activist, and the political education they’ve learned from Ella Baker, Grace Lee Boggs, adrienne maree brown, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, bell hooks, and the Racial Equity Institute.

When We Use HCD

Framework created by George Aye of the Greater Good Studio in Chicago.