Milo created these toolkits for people who would like to learn how to apply the tools of equity-based human centered design to their social justice work. Please keep in mind that these toolkits cannot replace the impact of facilitating a complete equity-based human centered design process. Rather, they offer ideas on how to bring individual components of the HCD process into the context of social justice organizing.

We are a tiny, emerging design practice that currently donates most of our labor. If you find any of these toolkits to be useful, please share them with credit to Curb Cut Design Studio. Additionally, we invite you to get in touch if you’d like to contribute to our virtual tip jar.

HCD Tools in Practice: Prototyping & Reparations

HCD Tools in Practice: Community Agreements & Prison Abolition

HCD Tools in Practice: Information Synthesis & Social Media

Recorded HCD Workshop

We offer this one hour recording of an interactive workshop we facilitated at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in September 2020. In this workshop, we give an overview of equity-based human centered design, guide participants through a series of exercises to practice human centered design methods, and offer a detailed look at the project we did with SWIRL in 2019.

Queer Trans Disabled Technologies for Surviving Climate Crisis

Published in the summer 2022 zine by Earth Hacks titled Community, Culture, and Belonging: an Environmental Justice Zine.

How To Guide for Cultivating Community Care

Our founder, M Strickland, created this guide to preparing a community care network following their major spinal surgery in 2016. We offer this guide to anyone who might find it useful in their own life, and we hope that it provides insight into Curb Cut’s perspective on disability justice, accessibility, and community care.