Artistic Practice

Healing Isn’t Linear

Our founder created this project to explore the themes of healing and community. The piece is an interactive installation which plays recordings of people who have been a part of my own healing process saying the phrase, “Healing is [individual inserts their own response].” The recordings are triggered to play when a participant picks up one of the stones within the sculpture.

This piece showcases our founder’s fabrication skills, including CNC machining, laser cutting, wood working, soldering, 3D modeling in Rhino, parametric designing in Grasshopper, basic coding using Scratch, and basic circuitry.

Check out their creative process journal to learn more about this piece.

Recycled Textiles

Our founder rescues unwanted textiles that are on their way to the landfill and transform them into crocheted home goods such as cat beds, rugs, and baskets. M also hand stamp rescued clothing items with hand carved designs.