Research Reports

A Culture of Wellbeing

While at Ashoka in 2016, I was lead author, researcher, and project manager for a report on how social entrepreneurs model ways of spreading wellbeing across society.

The report synthesizes the findings of my qualitative research involving open ended interviews with social entrepreneurs, rigorous inductive analysis, and prototyping initial results with the participants and end users.

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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation sponsored the report and used its findings to guide funding priorities for a new initiative to support U.S.-based wellbeing projects that are inspired by methodologies used globally.

Pro Bono Partnerships for Systemic Impact

In 2016, the Corporate Social Responsibility manager at American Express partnered with Ashoka to conduct research into what social entrepreneurs want out of pro bono services from business professionals.

As lead author, researcher, and project manager, I conducted a survey of business professionals in the U.S. and social entrepreneurs across the globe to better understand how the each group might work together to create systemic social impact.

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Additionally, I added a prototyping stage to Ashoka’s typical research process. To test the initial findings, I convened a series of open-ended interviews with thought leaders on the role that work plays in peoples’ lives.